Chronicillness diaries

It is really a challenge….to bear pain and live with it.

But when I look around I see people who are bed ridden, are blind or cannot hear. I then feel blessed to have a more privileged life. I also see the people on the street…begging for food, sleeping without warm clothes in winter.

I see those small pot bellied babies crawling on the roadside….hair matted and nose running. No child should be subjected to so much neglect.

It is then I thank the almighty for giving me more than many others.
I pray to thee O Lord…to help those in need and to give me the strength to bear my pain and be thankful for the haves in my life.

It is easy to wallow in self pity, but I tell myself to see the larger picture. As I sit typing this post on my phablet, in an air conditioned room…my husband beside me….I feel blessed.I shall overcome the negativity.
I shall overcome some day….so deep in my heart…I do believe…I shall overcome someday.


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