Chronic illness diaries…my body…my temple.

Chronic illness diaries…my body…my temple.
The pain is always there.
It like having a some animal eating away at my insides.
That gnawing deep rooted pain.
And the constant feeling of doom.
Why??? I don’t know.
That too is a chronic problem.
I lie down on the bed and I feel my heart will jump out of my chest.
And then ….there is the crazy insomnia.
All these add up and make a depressed person.
But no….I have to get out of this rigamarole.
I have to love my body and be happy inside of it.
Stating today I will try to be happy no matter what.
After all …you only live once.Your body is your home..Your souls home…so love it, nurture it and bear with it….
.because you can’t just leave it and go.

p.s. next time around with so much pain…Naah !!!


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