Chronicillness diaries…Day 2

DAY: Late night Sunday:August 3
Age is definitely not just a number. How else can I explain my body pains,negativity, hot flashes and the extra need for make up. But have to get up and get going. Need to make each day liveable….and happy. U only live once. Will not wallow in self pity.

DISEASE STATUS: Got up..8.30am
Have to start getting up early
Checking for pain…less but still there.
Looking forward to focussing on my pain more.
Still…not too happy but not too sad either.
What will I do to make myself happy?
Maybe dress up well to work.

Reached workplace. Not feeling too bad…both physically and mentally. Is it because of the distraction of getting ready and driving to work.
Must tell you that here too , I prefer to stay in my room and avoid meeting people.:(

COPING STRATEGY: Going to work.



Started Pilates today šŸ™‚

Hope to feel nice and upbeat tomorrow.


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