murder of crows 

together deciding the fate

of its lone wanderer


10 thoughts on “fate…haiku

  1. True story; I happened upon a ‘murder of crows’ gathered on the beach south of Big Sable Lighthouse. They had gathered in a circle on the shore. I assumed something had washed up for them to feed on…but they weren’t eating. They were sitting in a circle and talking but the wind carried the sounds away. They dispersed as I came closer. I had to know what held their attention so I walked the last 100 yards or so. It was the large wing of another crow buried in the sand. They weren’t feeding. I assume it was an avian memorial.

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    • Great story….when I was younger my dad showed me a murder of crows that used to gather on a rooftop every single day…early morning. Then after a while, they would fly away in different directions as if to do their daily assigned chores.


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