Lucas Grogan. Skeleton for MLMM.

Image: Sunday Skeleton: Artist: Lucas Grogan

This is what I am reduced to. A blue skeleton. When I jumped off the balcony, I never knew what could happen.It was an impulsive act. I had fought with you and in a fury I rushed to end my life. You never loved me enough. You reduced me to a mere substance. You used me and sometimes I think it was you who pushed me off the balcony. I gave you my everything.

Never could I have imagined that this would me my end. And as if that was not enough, I fell straight into a floor with blue paint. Damn, the least that could have happened is that I would have made a normal skeleton. Now this was some kind of joke!

No one picked up my pieces. I was left to rot. And those blue bottles? Do they contain poison? Who left them?

Not you I suppose.

But here I am again….i am still around you. Wait for me.

Is that your doorbell ringing?

Be careful…you don’t know who it may be.

After all ….I died a loveless death…..and an unfulfilled spirit stays and haunts.


as my body writhes in pain

all I want is pure wholesome love

to keep the soul alive


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