A Scraggy Girl.

Born into a middle class family
She had high hopes from life
To reach out to the stars
She knew it would be a strife.

She was thin and scraggy
No one cared much about her
But she had a mind of her own
She thought no one could stop her.

She grew up to be quite pretty
And was the center of attraction
She was oblivious to it all
But men vied for her attention.

She married a man of her parents choice
Thought that there would be love
But there were fights and hatred
Never a hug, always a shove.

She found a man out of marriage
Whom she loved a lot
But the societal pressures took their toll
With guilt she was fraught.

And then life went on as before
She lived on in a rut
Love was hard to find
But she was not ready for the dirt.


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