Vampire Night.

‘He turned off Windmill Street into a narrow alley.’

This is the third full line on page 82 of ‘A DANGEROUS FORTUNE” by Ken Follet.

He turned off on Windmill Street into a narrow alley. He was dazed from all the drinking. It was 2 a.m. As he walked further, he saw a girl lying on the sidewalk. Her white dress was stained with blood. A stark contrast. As he bend down to touch her, he could see a knife piercing her chest, Oh, what was this? Was she dead?

He looked around for any sign of somebody who had dumped her there. But there was no one. So, he decided to walk away,. As soon as he turned his back on the wounded girl, someone pounced on him. Oh damn, it was the girl holding him tight. She had fangs dripping with blood…she was a vampire.

He tried hard to run away,but she held on to him. He screamed but to no avail. Nothing came out of his mouth.He turned back to face her. What!!!! His wife!

My God, it was time he stopped drinking so much.


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