My Peace.

My mental peace is extremely important to me. I dont want to be affected by people. It is my duty towards myself to be happy. Be it my husband, my children or my sisters, it is me whom I am going to keep on the top of my list. I love them, but once they are busy in their lives, no one stops and takes notice of me. The only thing that matters is, that my dear ones should be healthy. Other than that I have to live my life. My dreams, my diet, my yoga, my weight and my happiness. In the coming year I shall strive for all this.

Give me the strength, master to bear , my joys and sorrows…..


7 thoughts on “My Peace.

  1. This is absolutely beautiful. I’ve been concentrating on trying to do the same. After a lifetime of a marriage ending in divorce and raising four children, at 50 years old, I’m just now beginning to figure it out. It’s become painfully clear that things I previously thought may have been selfish, were actually things I needed to self-nourish myself. Take care of yourself and continue consentrating on self-awareness and self-love.

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