He Is Still My Hero.


Who’s your hero? Tell us a story about why that person plays such an important role in your life.

It is strange that even when a person, who was your life, is no longer in this world, still manages to affect you. For me, my hero was, is and will be my dad. Time and again I have written about him in my posts. Even now, there is no doubt in my mind that he is the one. I feel him around me all the time. His life, in itself was heroic.He made me what I am today.I shall narrate a small incident , that changed my life.

I was a small girl of 12 or 13 years. It was then that my mind started wandering. I started thinking about life and death. I began feeling that if we all have to die, why struggle so hard. I was a topper in school. But this thought of impermanence and mortality was beginning to depress me. My dad came to know about it. So, one day , he asked me to take leave from school, and both of us set out to a nearby slum. There in one of the shabby, dirty houses there was a wedding going on.People were rejoicing and making merry. I on the other hand was dizzy on seeing the filth around.I wanted to leave that place immediately. It was then my dad started asking me about my cause of depression. As he was talking about life and death, my head started swimming and I started feeling faint. Nausea welled up and I puked. Dad rushed me back to our house.

Then, later when I was feeling better, he sat me down and asked me why I was not ready to discuss the matters of life and death with me. I told him that the filth and the stench of the place did not allow me to think straight. He laughed and said that, because I had all the comforts in life , I was bothered about such inane things. He also pointed out that how the people in that place were enjoying inspite of poverty.

I immediately realised how thankless I had been. From that day onwards, I value each morsel that goes in my mouth, each penny I spend and thank god for the beautiful home and hearth he has given me.

That is why my dad is my hero.


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