The Serenity Prayer.

Its that time of the year again folks…an end, a beginning, resolutions fulfilled and unfulfilled, new resolutions, time for introspection. This prayer has helped me through my dark phases. Here it is again….

To Wear A Rainbow

Dissatisfaction. I am never ever satisfied completely with anything in life. But the most important aspect of my life which leaves me dissatisfied is the absence of my parents. I miss them, especially my dad, whom I lost very early in life. I feel sad thinking how deprived my children are, as they don’t have their grandparents to spoil them silly. That doesn’t mean I am not satisfied with anything else. I am satisfied with my job, my children and husband. I have a beautiful home and enough money.But I think, being satisfied is a personality type rather than an option. It depends on what kind of a person are you.

But  it does pay to count your blessings. If you have a problem like an illness, always think whether it can be cured or it is life threatening. Whether you have the means to look after yourself or not…

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