Am I Selfish?

Am I selfish? I sometimes feel, that I think too much about my own happiness. Is it wrong to be concerned about my own mental health? Be it spending time with my family, or my colleagues, I always feel bored and pine for my own company. With age and menopause, I go through a gamut of emotions in a day. But one thing is there for sure. I wait to lock myself up in my room with a cup of tea and the latest episode of Homeland. That is my latest fixation.

But taking care of my own self is not a bad thing, I assume.I think it is my duty towards myself. But people don’t think so. Even when I am fulfilling my duties towards my near and dear ones, I am sometimes made to feel guilty.

Another thing.Is it possible to completely be devoid of passion, especially for someone whom you have loved with all your soul.Life is weird or I am. Or is it them, Hormones? Is it possible to completely fall out of love?

Oh, I am confused.

Would love to hear from you wonderful people.

Till then…

Please interact and help me feel not guilty.

P.S. Be free to give your opinions. A corner of my mind thinks I am losing it.


10 thoughts on “Am I Selfish?

  1. My mother-in-law, who is 95, told me recently “This world was not made for women” and she’s right. Men don’t seem to feel guilty at all about taking care of themselves. And the whole menopause thing? Yeh, it sucks on so many levels. Hang in there, you’re all right.

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  2. I am a firm believer in taking care of yourself, engaging in things that help to make you happy, surrounding yourself with good people and keeping them near. Hormones rage- they wax and wane and make us crazy-we have highs and lows and our perception and feeling for people around us can change with the highs and lows. Take care of yourself and do so without guilt! 🙂

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