Virtual Love

There is a strange romanticism in the virtual world.

When I chat with people from across the continents, it is a nice warm fuzzy feeling. The very fact that there are people out there who in a strange way like you,listen to you and care about you,is so heartening.

Unknowingly they let you into their homes and their lives. You are never alone as so many of these people are a click away.

I love the way my world has expanded and I have made so many blogging friends. Some are faceless ,so that gives a boost to my imagination. I keep visualising them the way I want. It is a relationship with no strings attached. You are not answerable to them but still the bonding is there.

I miss you when I dont see you or your posts around. Not to mention the little stars and comments you send.

I love you all for welcoming me in to your world and for becoming a part of mine.


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