The Auction

Today I went to an auction. It was a lifetime of an experience.It was actually a furniture auction at the Canadian embassy in Delhi .The auction was a huge lesson in learning where to draw the line in life. You cannot just  let people dictate terms to you.

Whenever I began to bid for a particular item, there were professional  people who were ready to outbid me. The whole thing stretched to such a point when bidding became like a war.It was stressful. Just to keep your sanity becomes an issue.

Similarly in life, one should not be affected by what other people do. We should know where to draw the line. Let the whole world do anything.Be yourself, know your limits. No one should affect you. The moment we start emulating others, it becomes difficult.

So,be yourself. Know what you need and what you don’t. Today,at one point of time,I was bidding for things that I actually did not need. I did not even have the money to buy those things. Such was the extent of one upmanship out there.

Thank God, I came back intact. No money lost.

So many lessons to learn from each event in life.


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