Ask Daddy.

Calling Uncle Bob

Have you ever faced a difficult situation when you had to choose between sorting it out yourself, or asking someone else for an easy fix? What did you choose — and would you make the same choice today?

A naive girl of eighteen

Did not know what to do

What to become in life

What, where and who

Right from the profession

To when should I get married

All I asked daddy

Never was he harried

So happy I did that

I will do it again

For I got the perfect life

But he has gone and left the pain.

As I was a good student in school, my dad wanted me to become a doctor. I was so sure in life ,that whatever happens I shall never disobey him. So I studied hard and became a doctor.

Then came the question of marriage. He wanted that I should marry early, as he was scared if something happened to him ,who shall look after me, I being the youngest of three daughters.I agreed. Now at the age of 49, I have grown up children,who are more like friends to me. I can still enjoy going out with them, as opposed to many of my friends who married late and have kids still in school.

So, whatever Dad told me to do helped me in having a comfortable life. It would have been so good, if he was here to see me living the life he dreamt for me.

Miss you dad.


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