Trio no. 4

Today you can write about anything, in whatever genre or form, but your postmust include a speeding car, a phone call, and a crisp, bright morning.


I got the phone call on that crisp ,bright morning.Little did I know that my life was going to change forever. As soon as I stepped out of my house,I felt a strange wave of apprehension. Who was that on the phone? Why was he calling me by my pet name? Strangely somewhere inside there was a little excitement too. The voice was so deep and erotic, that I imagined it belonged to a tall, dark, handsome man.

I was so engrossed in my thoughts, that I did not notice the speeding car. Wham, it struck me hard and I was thrown off the road. The man behind the wheel rushed to my side. My vision was blurred and my head was bleeding. As soon as I saw him I knew he was the one behind that deep voice. Oh , he was so handsome!

Then I fainted. When I woke up I was in a strange land. There were chocolates on the trees.Milk was flowing in the river. There were fountains of fruit juice. And there was a handsome angel.

He was the same man who had saved me. Damn,I had died and gone to heaven.


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