Do you want to know when you will die?

No Time to Waste

Fill in the blank: “Life is too short to _____.” Now, write a post telling us how you’ve come to that conclusion.

”Life is too short to be a miser and not indulge in your favorite activities.”

I came to this conclusion when I read the following article.

This App Predicts When You’re Going to die

Deadline appiTunes

Like most other apps that work with Apple’s HealthKit ecosystem, “Deadline” motivates you to be healthier, but in a darker sort of way.

“You’re going to die,” the app’s description says. “Sorry, we all do eventually. I don’t want to, either. But, what if you knew the date of your death?”

And that’s exactly what “Deadline” does: It tries its best to predict how long you have left, right down to the second.

Read this article today and it set me thinking. What if I come to know the time and date of my death.

What all will I want to achieve or do in my remaining life?

Will I go into depression or would I live my remaining days catching up on life?

So many thoughts are running through my mind. But HERE IS A LIST OF TWELVE THINGS I WOULD DO, if I came to know the date and time of my death.

1) I would splurge on branded shoes and clothes and diamonds.

2) I would travel to all my dream destinations, stay in a seven star resort and travel first class .

3) Definitely I would spend all my time with the people I love. No negative people for me.

4) Food is a passion I can’t indulge in as much, because of the fear of weight gain and health issues. If I know I am going to die anyways, I am going to gorge on my favorite foods all day long.

5) Timelessness is a luxury,so I would have no fixed timings for anything. I would sleep whenever I want to, and get up at my own sweet will. Hell with circadian rhythm.

6) Take a space flight. Yes ,I would love to go into space.

7) Sky diving is another one on my bucket list.

8) Meet tom Cruise,Daniel Craig and The Queen of England….funny combination I know!

9) Visit the Vatican and meet the Pope.

10) I would love to act in a Hollywood movie with Daniel Craig and also in a Bollywood movie.

11) Would love to have mind blowing earth shattering Sex on the Beach. The drink …stupid!

12) Would definitely learn swimming.

Whew….wasn’t that a lot!

Actually,even if  we don’t know when we are going to die,we should miss no opportunity to fulfill our wishes. After all its only one life we get.

Why wait for death to come knocking at our door,to give us the wake up call?

I would love to know about your bucket list also.

Till then….ENJOY!


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