The Stranger

The knock on the door was at an unearthly hour,

Was it someone I knew or someone asking for the bar,

I peeped out of the window to see who it was,

But no one could I see till far.

The skies were dark and the winds blew strong,

My heart was beating fast,

No one had visited me since long.

There was fear and excitement as  I waited for the knock again,

And there it was , the knock at last.

As I opened the door, no one was there,

Was it a ghost or the wind giving me a scare,

Hiding in the shadows,was a small dog

He was whimpering  and sad,

Shivering in the fog,

I let him inside my house,

And he became a part of my life,

Into a beautiful journey we entered together,

Gone was my sadness I was again alive.


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